Pat Warwick has never lived far from the sea. Raised in New England,

she spent many summers in the beach town of Old Lyme, Connecticut. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Pat left the area on an old schooner headed for the Caribbean. Her talent as a designer eventually brought her toWoods Hole Oceanographic Institute where she illustrated and designed materials for the Institute's Marine Resource Center Over thirty years later, Pat's marine inspired tile work can be seen in homes around the world..



copyright 2017. Pat Warwick. All rights reserved.

In the spirit of adventure, I make spontaneous marks with lots of color and texture to build layers, always on the lookout for a line or shape that emerges to evoke a memory. Often, I feel like an archaeologist creating order out of chaos.

Though it is a personal journey for me, my hope is that a strong composition and nuanced surface will engage the viewer on a more universal level.

copyright 2017. Pat Warwick. All rights reserved